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 PavingSealcoating • Chip Sealing • Recycled Asphalt Millings

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We are paving contractors in Oregon, also we are pavement specialists. Our experienced, reliable, professional crews know how to handle your asphalt paving project. Whether you need potholes patched, cracks filled, an area overlaid, complete removal and replacement of pavement, or a new roadway or parking lot constructed, BlackRock Asphalt road construction contractors will get your paving project done right, on time, and within budget.



Chip sealing can help maintain the life of pavement by sealing out water and repairing minor cracks. A thin base of hot asphalt is evenly distributed onto an existing pavement, then a finely graded aggregate is embedded into it and rolled into a smooth pavement surface. An additional layer of sealant provides extra protection for the roadway surface. Chip sealing is less expensive than resurfacing with asphalt or concrete and is used on a large percentage of both rural and urban roads.



Whether you need sand added for a skid resistant surface or a latex additive for a chemical resistant surface, BlackRock Asphalt will mix the sealer that is right for your commercial property. Our paving contractors will get your sealcoat project done right, on time, and within budget. The protective barrier provided by sealcoating extends the life of asphalt pavement in high traffic areas and provides many other important benefits.